My name is Nicole Garlando, or Cole. I am a maker.

I work in physical research, imagination, and intuition. Interested in cosmological theories, philosophies attending to self, phenomenology, noumenology, and change – I believe in creative process as inquiry and as a vehicle for internal and societal r/evolution.

A choreographer, poet, and inter/transdisciplinary artist, I am absorbed with both the concepts and (non)material of LIGHT and TIME. I believe we as human beings are like projectors, aimed at one another: I see you, through my own story.


in 2014 i began to collect audio interviews where i live or find myself for other things. each year, a new question presents itself and each interaction with friends and strangers is a teacher in its own way. i believe asking questions of ourselves and imagining new worlds is important for human beings.

the interviews represent perspectives in a specific moment in the life of each person you hear speaking. opinions do not necessarily reflect my own or their’s past that moment, and that is one of the points of the whole thing – to gather and share points of view and to notice how we change. the responses to these unanswerable questions aren’t really the focus, as much as the interactions; the asking of these questions; the listening to people’s different ideas and perspectives.

autœthnographic study: the dialogues themselves are a reflection of the questions i wonder on, of time and change and perception. often i get in the way but i am learning.

all participants are recorded consentually. all participants choose to remain anonymous for their safety and/or privacy, or choose to be named. all participants have consented to their dialogue being shared via my creative projects, classes, shows, podcasts or social processes. thank you to all the people in my life who discuss their thoughts with me, on and off a machine. i am honored to share time and dialogue with you and with everyone who is listening. i share these human interviews with gratitude.